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The Centre for Regenerative Medicine is dedicated to the translation of its science into clinically relevant applications

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) is a world-class research facility located in Edinburgh BioQuarter, adjacent to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (a 900-bed research hospital), the University of Edinburgh Medical School, and translational and commercial partners.

At the CRM, over 250 top-ranked research scientists develop new therapies, which can then be translated in its MHRA-accredited clinical grade cell manufacturing facility, a perfect platform for building industrial collaborations. With regenerative medicine expertise ranging from basic stem cell research to understanding disease mechanisms and transplant surgery, we are the perfect partner to enhance your Research and Development efforts, product development, and commercial and clinical visibility.

Our Centre has a longstanding track record of positive engagement with industry. This includes the provision of expert advice on clinical trial design and specific disease contexts, the development of a range of current collaborative projects with pharmaceutical and biotech industry leaders, and the co-development or licensing of CRM-generated Intellectual Properties.

The CRM leads one of the  UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) hubs , a £25M initiative that is addressing major translational challenges of regenerative medicine.  Projects within this UKRMP Niche Hub aim to gain a detailed understanding of the signalling and support pathways in the extracellular niche environment that supports stem/progenitor cells in health and disease, providing a basis for new regenerative medicine approaches.

Whether you are looking for a collaborative partner or an expert consultant, we will be delighted to help you find the perfect contact for your requirements. To discuss this further please contact Dr Gordon McLean. 

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Current projects with a translational or industry focus include the UKRMP Stem Cell Niche project, early-stage R&D projects, and the provision of expert advice.

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine is located in Edinburgh BioQuarter, a leading global destination for healthcare delivery, groundbreaking medical research and life sciences innovation and entrepreneurship.