Mind Yer Brain: breaking down communication barriers

11 December 2013

Mind Yer Brain Logo

Neuroscience researchers from the University of Edinburgh have teamed up with a creative team led by Shift.ms to spark interest and address misconceptions in brain research.

The project ‘Mind Yer Brain’ is funded by the Wellcome Trust and uses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share brain-related news, research, fun facts and more.





CRM Post Doc Marie Bechler, who leads the project, commented:

“Over a year ago a small group of Edinburgh Neuroscience  based researchers - Lisa Genzel, Tom Pratt, and I - set out with the goal of generating curiosity in the brain among those who would normally not seek out information on brain-related research.”


She continued:

“We decided that social media could be a great way to encourage discussion. To further promote brain awareness, we also created a cinema advert showing the artistic analogy of neuroplasticity as an ever-changing city. The creation of the advert was done in collaboration with artists Toby Melville-Brown, Billy Steel, and Michel Lafrance led by Freddie Yauner at Shift.ms.“

Marie Bechler

The advert, seen by 18,000 people at the Cineworld Fountain Park Cinema in Edinburgh, is supported by more in depth video animations and interviews with scientists and non-scientists alike.

To find out more, visit Mind Yer Brain on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.