EMBO honour for Professor Dónal O'Carroll

7 July 2020

Professor Dónal O'Carroll

Congratulations to Professor Dónal O'Carroll, Group Leader and Associate Director at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, who has today been awarded the lifetime honour of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) Membership.

EMBO is an international organisation of life scientists, which has more than 1,800 members elected by peers. Professor O'Carroll (pictured right) is one of 63 leading scientists who have been newly elected to join the community, in recognition of their achievements in the life sciences.

EMBO Members actively participate in EMBO initiatives, for example by serving on EMBO Council and committees, by mentoring young scientists, or supporting activities such as the promotion of sound science policy. Members also guide and support the organisation in ensuring the highest quality in the selection of future members, postdoctoral fellows, and courses and workshops.

The new Members have contributed to the success of research in the life sciences in Europe and around the world. As EMBO Members they can help to shape the future through EMBO’s work to support talented researchers, bring ideas together, and promote an international research environment conducive to excellent science.

Maria Leptin, EMBO Director

Professor O’Carroll joined the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 2015. His laboratory studies the mammalian germline from an RNA perspective. Specifically, his research explores the contribution of PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) and RNA modification pathways to germ cell development. He is also a Group Leader at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology.

“I am greatly honoured to be elected an EMBO Member. I am very much looking forward to work with EMBO and serve the community.”

Professor O’Carroll, Group Leader and Associate Director, Centre for Regenerative Medicine

EMBO’s tradition of recognising outstanding life scientists as Members dates back to 1963, when an initial group of 150 Members were selected by EMBO’s Council. Since then, EMBO Members have been invited to nominate and elect exceptional researchers to join the community, which now exceeds 1,800 Members and Associate Members. Elections for EMBO Members are held annually. The new EMBO Members join a growing list of renowned researchers elected before them, which includes 88 Nobel laureates.



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