CRM awarded Sustainability Awards

7 April 2020

Gold office sustainability award badge

We are delighted to announce that CRM has been awarded a Gold Office Award in the 2019 Sustainability Awards.

The Office Award recognises departments, schools and research centres that have demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability by fulfilling a range of criteria focused on ethical and environmentally-friendly working practices and behaviours.

Gold level requires departments to design and implement a unique project with a demonstrable sustainability impact. The bid was led by the CRM administration team who introduced a wide range of initiatives in 2019, including: wellbeing walks, a volunteer kitchen garden, free fruit Tuesday, a wellbeing events series, BioRhythms community choir and a rooftop apiary.

CRM’s Centre Administrator Donna Lumsden said: “I am delighted that the efforts of the Sustainability Team have been rewarded with the achievement of our Gold Award. The team have designed and led several initiatives which have strengthened links with our local community, and continued to increase our Centre’s sustainability and support for wellbeing.”

CRM’s Tissue Culture team also retained their bronze level Lab Award, which they achieved last year. This award recognises labs which have demonstrated compliance with a wide range of sustainable lab practices including efficient use of fume cupboards, management of chemicals and samples, and reducing waste, water and energy consumption.