An art exhibition, by CRM scientists

9 June 2017

Art by Sabine Gogolok, Rosa Migueles, Julia Watson and Guillaume Blin
Art by Sabine Gogolok, Rosa Migueles, Julia Watson and Guillaume Blin (clockwise from top left)

The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine will be a hosting a pop-up art exhibit on 22 June. Regeneration: A story of becoming, will feature original artworks created by scientists from the centre. The exhibition is a part of the Medical Research Council’s annual Festival of Medical Research.

The one day pop-up exhibition will include glass works, screen prints, and photography.  The pieces take a unique look at a number of themes including potential, growth, and the experimental process.

MRC-CRM scientists collaborated with artists, including MRC-CRM Artist in Residence, Hamer Dodds, Leena Nammari, Edinburgh Printmakers, and the Glass Lab at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology in Edinburgh to learn screen printing and glasswork. 

Claire Cryer, brought her passion and excitement for flow cytometry to life with a series of glass pieces depicting different aspects of her work. Claire said, “Science can be beautiful, “and at times, creative.”

CRM PhD student Julia Watson took inspiration from her research on niche populations of stem cells found within mouse embryos. “I think art can be a great way to engage with the public. It can help us engage with different perspectives.” Her artwork is a kind of meditation on cell fate.

The colourful glassworks of Dr Guillaume Blin have already caught the imagination of some primary school children. “It was a great way to engage with them”. His glass works depict embryoid bodies and some classic icons of scientific research including a microscope and lab book.

The exhibition, Regeneration: A story of becoming will take place on Thursday, 22nd June from 17:00 until 20:00.  Wine and canapés will be served from 17:00. MRC-CRM staff will be able to preview the exhibition on Wednesday 21st June from 12:00 until 20:00. The exhibition is curated by Autumn Brown as part of her MSc in Science Communication at the University of Edinburgh. 




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