Our research is gaining a fundamental understanding of stem cells and regeneration and to use this to develop new models, diagnostics and therapies to improve human health.

The centre hosts 26 research groups focus on four main research themes:

  • Stem cell biology
  • Tissue homeostasis and repair
  • Reprogramming
  • Translational and clinical programmes

Our research aims to develop new treatments for major diseases, including: brain cancer, leukaemia, liver cirrhosis, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Diseases we study

Cell and tissue monitoring

Developing stem cell gene therapies for childhood dementias and multisystem diseases

Thymus generation and regeneration

Quantitative Biology of Pattern Formation

Embryonic stem cell biology

Blood vessel stem cell biology

Manipulating the stem cell niche to promote regeneration

In vitro human hematopoiesis

Liver stem cells and regeneration

Liver Tissue Development and Engineering

Epigenetics and Brain Development

Biology of reprogramming

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration

Pluripotent stem cell differentiation

Ontogeny of haematopoietic stem cells

RNA function in germ and stem cell biology

Developmental origins of blood stem cells and leukaemia

Neural stem cells and brain cancer

Adult tissue cell plasticity, reprogramming and regeneration

Spinal cord regeneration across species

Computational biology of cell populations

Stem cell genome engineering

Chromatin structure and cellular identity

Stem cell bioinformatics

Remyelination in multiple sclerosis

Early embryo development