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Aaron Alonso Torrens


Is anterior-posterior identity of neurons important in development and regeneration?

Val Wilson research group

Matthew French


Direct cell-cell communication mediating cell fate decisions in NMPs

Sally Lowell research group

Asier Galarza Torre


Non-coding RNA and the immortal lineage

Abdenour Soufi research group

Adelle Greene


Understanding Haematopoietic stem cell development through global single-cell gene expression analysis

Alexander Medvinsky Research Group

Abbie Guild


Structural and functional analyses of Nanog and Sox2 in ESCs

Ian Chambers research group

Madeleine Heep


Exploring the mechanism and function of SPOCD1, a novel effector of piRNA-directed DNA methylation

Donal O'Carroll research group

Kellie Horan


Nina-Lydia Kazakou


Understanding the role of different oligodendrocyte 'states' to successfully improve remyelination in multiple sclerosis

Anna Williams Research Group

Kay Kong


Ella Mercer


The role of cholinergic signalling in regulating inflammation of the salivary glands following radiotherapy.

Elaine Emmerson's research group

Leslie Nitsche


The role of cell cycle exit in EHT and the haematopoietic niche

Katrin Ottersbach research group

Tessa Procter


How do dysfunctional endothelial cells in cerebral small vessel disease modulate surrounding oligodendroglia through secretion of heat shock protein 90 alpha?


Anna Williams research group

Karin Purshouse

Steve Pollard research group

Rebecca Robertson


Endothelial cell extracellular vesicles in cerebral small vessel disease


Theresa Schoepp


Non-coding RNA and the immortal lineage

Donal O'Carroll research group

Emma Shaw


Investigating whether Human Embryonic stem cell derived Neuromesodermal progenitors require positional identity to produce spatially restricted progeny?

Val Wilson research group