Operetta high content microscope

An automated microscope for high content imaging


The Operetta is an automated microscope for high content imaging.


The Operetta high content analysis (HCA) system is an automated fluorescent microscope that allows the fluorescent or brightfield imaging of large numbers of samples at high resolution. It also provides powerful image analysis software. This type of equipment has typically been used by big pharma companies for drug screening campaigns. However, the technology is particularly useful in the regenerative medicine and stem cell fields where hundreds of thousands of cells can be rapidly analysed to identify and characterise rare stem cells that may have a subtle phenotype.  How these cells grow and divide in thousands of different conditions can now be routinely screened using the Operetta. The knowledge gained by using this system will ultimately aid in the development of future cellular therapies. More detailed information about the Operetta system can be found in video below.

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Dr Justyna Cholewa-Waclaw

High Content Screening Facility Manager

  • Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  • Institute for Regeneration and Repair

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