Royal Society of Chemistry Prize for Parkinson's team

09 Jun 2021

A multi-disciplinary team, including CRM PI Dr Tilo Kunath have been recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry for his contribution to the NoseToDiagnose team who are developing a novel approach to Parkinson's Diagnsis using a skin swab.

The team, led by Dr Perdita Barran, now based at the University of Manchester, has won the 2021 Analytical Division Horizon Prize: Robert Boyle Prize for Analytical Science.

The project was made possible due to the unique ability of Joy Milne to recognise a unique but subtle scent when people have Parkinson's Disease. Joy initially approached Dr Kunath with this insight after a talk he gave at CRM to a Parkinson's Research Interest Group. In a pilot study, Joy accurately sorted Parkinson’s patients from healthy people by smelling T-shirts they had worn for 24 hours. Together they worked with Dr Barran to begin to establish what Joy was smelling.

Using a specialised technique that mimics the human nose, researchers at The University of Manchester analysed sebum samples of patients with Parkinson’s Disease. They identified three molecules in sebum linked to the odour caused by Parkinson’s Disease.

It has been a huge pleasure working with Joy on this exciting and very novel project. I’m so pleased for her, Perdita Barran and our entire team for winning the RSC Robert Boyle Prize for Analytical Science.

Dr Tilo Kunath,  CRM PI and Team Member
Tilo Kunath and Joy Milne at the CRM
Tilo Kunath and Joy Milne at the CRM

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