Ensight imaging plate reader

Multimodal plate reader which enables fast-well imaging .

Ensight is versatile plate reader capable of fast-well imaging with low resolution for rapid data output, measuring luminescence in ultra-sensitive fashion and filter-based absorbance, as well as performing ALPHA assays for protein-protein interaction.

Coupled with workflow-based Kaleido™ data acquisition and analysis software bringing together all the capabilities of Ensight plate reader with online data analysis performed in minutes.


Key Benefits:

  • Ultra- sensitive luminescence
  • Alpha assays
  • Low resolution screening in imaging module with 4 filters and 5x objective
  • Very fast and sensitive  - just 1 min to measure luminescence of 384-well plate
  • Six filters for absorbance assays such as ELISA and others
  • Temperature control to 65°C
  • Plate stackers, 20 plates or 50 plates