The imaging facility at CRM provides support for light microscopy imaging and bio-image analysis to CRM staff and external users.

The facility offers a wide range of microscopes and imaging techniques:  stereo, widefield, confocal, and lightsheet microscopes. The facility offers two dedicated high-end workstations for bio-image processing and analysis. Our facility manager, Matthieu Vermeren, can assist CRM staff and visitors with from planning a project, experimental design, sample preparation, staining, selection and use of microscopes to image processing and analysis. The imaging facility is developing dynamically to meet ever-increasing scientific requirements.

Dr Matthieu Vermeren

Imaging Facility Manager

  • Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  • Institute for Regeneration and Repair

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Access is on a pay-per-use basis, further information is available by clicking on the microscope pages below. 

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The facility offers a wide range of microscopes: stereo, widefield, confocal, and lightsheet microscopes.

Images are more than pretty pictures; they also contain data that can be extracted and analysed.

X-Clarity tissue clearing allows large, intact histological samples to be rendered transparent for fluorescent labelling and microscopy.

Location, cost, access and specifications of PRIMO.

Making scientific figures

Some experiments require microscopes which we don’t have but are available in other facilities in Edinburgh.

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