Other imaging resources

Some experiments require microscopes which we don’t have but are available in other facilities in Edinburgh.

Microscope facilities This list is not exhaustive, more can be found here.

Imaging services

Little France Campus

Slide Scanners

SURF facility in QMRI has three Zeiss Axioscan slide scanners as well as histology equipment.


Spinning disk

The CALM facility in QMRI has an Andor Revolution XDi spinning disk on an inverted Olympus IX83.


Zebrafish screening

VAST (automated zebrafish embryo handling system): the UK zebrafish screening facility in the Chancellor’s building.


Western General Campus

The Advanced Imaging Resource also has

  • Spinning disk: Andor Dragonfly on a Nikon Ti
  • Super-Resolution: Thunder N-Storm and N-Sim
  • SPIM (light sheet): custom made system based on OpenSPIM)
  • Optical Projection Tomography: for imaging large fluorescent samples in 3D

Advanced Imaging Resource

Central Site

IMPACT has a series of microscopes

  • FLIM (Fluorescence Life Time Imaging) on a Nikon A1R
  • TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence) on an Olympus IX81
  • Multi-photon mounted on Zeiss LSM 510


King’s building

Cryo-EM Electron microscopy BioSEM Electron microscopy Zeiss Airyscan at COIL