Image analysis

Images are more than pretty pictures; they also contain data that can be extracted and analysed.

Analysis workstations and training

Our Facility has two powerful workstations: Rex and Nyquist.  Both run generic image analysis freeware

These are normally enough for most image sets.

If you don’t know how to use these freeware, we regularly run an online five half-day course for beginners.  Contact us for the date of the next course.

Users of the facility can ask for help with the analysis of their data. 

Rex and Nyquist also run commercial software.


SVI Huygens is a powerful deconvolution software.  Modules available: Widefield and confocal Deconvolution, Batch Deconvolution, Fusion and Stitcher, Chromatic aberration corrector, Colocalization Analyser.

Price: £2/hour

SVI Huygens


Inform 2.4.10. Reads and analyses VectraPolaris multispectral files Columbus.  Reads and analyses High Content Operetta files.

Price: £2/hour

Inform 2.4.10

These computers are remotely accessible on request ( and bookable through CRMIMG PPMS.

Book a workstation via PPMS