X-Clarity tissue clearing

X-Clarity tissue clearing allows large, intact histological samples to be rendered transparent for fluorescent labelling and microscopy.

A problem that faces many people during imaging is the scattering of light through opaque or semi-opaque thick tissues by lipid membranes: the deeper you go, the less you see.  A simple solution is to turn your sample transparent. 

The X-Clarity system clears your biological sample in three steps:

  1. Hydrogel Infusion following fixation (24h)
  2. Tissue to hydrogel hybridisation (3h) 
  3. Lipid removal in a designated cassette


The Facility offers the following cassettes for lipid removal:

  • Very Large sample (two rat brain or several adult zebrafish). Well size:  35x53x20mm
  • Large samples the size of a mouse brain. Well size:  16.8x16.8x20m
  • 48 small samples, the size of a E11 mouse embryo.  Well size:  6.5x6.5x10mm
  • 192 small samples, the size of a 4 days old zebrafish embryo.  Well size:  3x3x10mm

You are then free to stain your tissue appropriately.

Duration of lipid removal is sample dependent: the larger and more lipid rich, the longer it takes.

Clearing is paid by cassette and by clearing time (in hours).

1 hour clearing costs £26 with £2 increment per extra hour clearing time. 

X-clarity website


Send an e-mail to the Facility describing your samples, cost codes.  Once your job is accepted, bring your sample to the Facility and we will clear them for you. 

e-mail for a booking

Mounting Medium

For optimal transparency, we recommend that you use the X-Clarity mounting medium which we supply at £120 per 25ml vial