Opera Phenix Plus high content spinning disk confocal

An automated spinning disk confocal for high content imaging

Opera Phenix Plus

The Opera Phenix Plus is a spinning disk confocal system capable of imaging thick samples such as organoids and tissue slices moving our facility towards 3D disease models. With proven automated water immersion lenses, Opera achieves higher throughput and richer content, making it the ideal high-content screening system for discriminating phenotypes and studying complex disease models. And with its liquid handling option and fast imaging frame rate, it can tackle fast-response assays such as calcium flux or cardiomyocyte beating.

Like the Operetta, the Opera Phenix Plus uses Perkin Elmer’s Harmony acquisition and image analysis software which is powerful and simple to use.  Data is stored on a server –Columbus- which is remotely accessible via web interface. Moreover, artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning boosts the microscope capability to recognize objects during acquisition. This allows the system to quickly scan large volume of samples at low resolution and then automatically rescan recognised objects at high resolution.


Key Benefits:

  • Two sCMOS cameras with simultaneous acquisition in up to four channels
  • 5 lasers
  • Custom-designed high NA water immersion objectives 20x, 40x and 63x
  • Spinning microlens disk with increased pinhole-to-pinhole distance
  • Widefield or confocal imaging modes
  • Supports life imaging
  • Fast laser-based autofocus to ensure sharp confocal images from every field
  • Brightfield and digital phase contrast
  • Supported by high content analysis software Harmony and Columbus


Images taken using the Opera Phenix Plus