G-Lands Exhibition Launches at Edinburgh Science Festival

8th April 2022

G-lands: An out of body experience, is a collaboration between CRM Artist-in-Residence Emily Fong and scientist Dr Elaine Emmerson from the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, in partnership with people with experience of throat cancer, multitude of healthcare professionals and ASCUS Art and Science.

Despite being a lifesaving treatment for head and neck cancer patients, a side-effect of radiotherapy is damage to salivary glands, leading to the chronic condition of dry mouth. This can severely affect a patient’s quality of life, with existing treatments focusing on short-term relief of side-effects. Dr Elaine Emmerson’s research aims to develop a regenerative strategy to restore salivary function. 

Whilst viewing a salivary gland in the Emmerson Lab at CRM, artist Emily Fong raised questions about the patient now living without it. How incredible it is that a surgeon, scientist, artist or member of the public can engage with someone else’s body part.

During her residency at CRM, Emily Fong observed the journey taken by the salivary gland, from the time it is removed from the patient through to research taking place in the Emmerson Lab; meeting with patients, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and scientists, capturing different perspectives and interactions with the organ. Experience these intimately direct observations through drawing and sculpture at this new exhibition at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

It is so exciting to see this amazing exhibition of several years of work by Emily, ASCUS, me and my lab. I have been so privileged to be part of this journey & I can’t wait to see it come to the public.

Dr Elaine Emmerson, CRM Group Leader

I am totally delighted to be bringing this beautiful collaborative exhibition 'G-Lands: An out of body experience' to Edinburgh Science Festival alongside Elaine and the incredible team at ASCUS, CRM and Summerhall. I am very grateful for the support of UKRMP, The Medical Research Council and Centre for Regenerative Medicine, and our patient partner group.

Emily Fong, CRM Artist in Residence

The exhibition launches as part of Edinburgh Science Festival on 8 April 2022 from 6-9pm. It runs from Sat 9 Apr–Thu 9 Jun and you can drop in Wed-Sun 12pm - 6pm. Emily Fong is giving ana artist talk on 9th April and there are various other events running alongside the exhibition.

Exhibition, 9 April - 9 June 2002

Artist talk, 9 April 2022 

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Image of artist Emily Fong and some of her work