Widefield Nikon Tie

Location, cost, access and specifications of the Wiedfield Nikon Tie.


Location: CRM ground floor, room G.43

Access (after training): 24h, 7/7 days

Cost (CRM users): £24 peak hours (8am-5pm, week days), £18 off-peak, time-lapse session £120

A basic guide to use this microscope

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Main features

Widefield microscope dedicated to live imaging and deconvolution

  • Nikon Eclipse Ti Inverted microscope
  • Filter cubes: DAPI, GFP, TxRed, G2-A, Cy5
  • Monochrome Hamamatsu Flash4 camera
  • Motorised XY stage (multi-positions, mosaic)
  • Motorised Z-Focus
  • Perfect focus
  • Sola light engine
  • OKO Incubation chamber with temperature and CO2 controllers
  • JOBS module for automated imaging


  • Plan Fluor 10x/0.3
  • S Plan Fluor 20x/0.5 Long Working Distance
  • Plan Apo 20x/0.8
  • S Plan Fluor 40x/0.6 LWD
  • W Apo 40x/1.15 Water (on request)
  • Plan Apo 60x/1.40 Oil
  • PlanApo 100x/1.40 Oil (on request)

Sample carriers

  • Slides or chambered slides
  • Petri dishes (35mm, 50mm, 60mm)
  • Multiwell plates